Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What's a Church Planter to Do?

Music. Makes the world go round... or is that love?

Nah. It's music. Music about love, maybe. Let's call it worship. Worship makes the world go round.

I am greatly encouraged by a conversation with a great musician, and a great worship leader: one Elijah Tadema. He leads worship at Mount Vernon Christ the King, takes lead in the worship band Into Light, and also found himself sitting around the same bonfire I did. Lucky break for me.

The conversation moved into his area of expertise. Here's the upshot of the conversation:

The first thing a worship leader needs to know, is that it's all about teaching the heart of worship-- and that may not be music. Being able to identify and encourage a heart of worship in a congregation is really where a worship leader makes their money (if they make much money at all). If a worship leader is serious about their business; they will be serious about finding creative and ingenious ways to develop a heart of worship.

Second, a worship leader will focus a congregation on simple truths about God. It doesn't have to be complicated, and often worship isn't. God is good. God loves us. Jesus asks us to live in love. Light is truth.

You see what I mean. There is power in the simple truth.

The third thing is a caution. When worship is good, we can sometimes get lost in the experience itself, rather than what it means. A worshiping people must beware not to worship the act of worship itself. This is difficult to define, but perhaps Elijah can help us all here with some simple words. "When you want an experience more than you want God, you have made the mistake."

Thanks Elijah.

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